Obtain a fair and just settlement from insurance coverage

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  • ELAS, for the policyholder
  • Technical analysis for companies and individuals
  • Consultancy and timely assistance

 For the policyholder


ELAS carries out insurance surveys on behalf of the policyholder (companies, SME, entrepreneurs, societies, private or public administrations etc.) in order to obtain a fair and just settlement from insurance coverage in the event of damages.


ELAS takes care of the Insured Client both from a technical, operational and bureaucratic point of view. ELAS assistance is available from the moment of the event itself until the conclusion of the procedure, which foresees the refund of damage incurred in consultation with the company loss adjuster.


The policyholder has the right to avail themselves of the guidance provided by ELAS experts as outlined in the insurance policy. ELAS assists the policyholder in dealing and collaborating with the Insurer’s Loss Adjuster, who is tasked with quantifying the damage.




What kind of damages?



Material and direct damages

material and direct damages caused by fire, natural events and catastrophes, vandalism and intentional loss, theft, armed robbery, breakdown of technical plants, machinery requiring repair or reconstruction.

Metaphysical loss

immaterial and direct damages (so called “metaphysical loss”) which recognizes the artistic, historical and numismatic (coin collection) values of damaged goods.

Consequential loss

material and indirect damages (also called “consequential loss”), which includes the chain of damages caused to insured items indirectly affected by the event, for example smoke damage.

Danni immateriali indiretti

Immaterial and indirect damages

economic and financial losses caused by interruption or slowdown of production followinfg the event.


What is the cost of our services?


The fee for ELAS’s services is usually listed in the insurance policy as an addition to the damages suffered (see the clauses “Professional fees of Loss Adjuster” or “Expert Costs”).

ELAS will be paid by the client after receipt of the indemnity, in accordance with a contract which takes into account the policy clauses indicated above.