Obtain a fair and just settlement from insurance coverage

  • catastrofali

The catastrophic risks are those that affect more subjects when they occur, not only the policyholder, arising from extreme and exceptional events such as, for example, earthquakes, floods, eruptions ...

It is a still undervalued sector, as there is no an high perception of the risk, but if we think that in Italy 40% of housing is subject to seismic risk or high flood we realize the importance of this insurance coverage. Globally, in 2011, defined as the worst year for the insurance companies, was recorded 253 natural disasters for a loss of 435 billion dollars.

ELAS supports the policyholder at all stages of the management of the event, from the first intervention to bureaucratic issues, in order to get the right compensation. The activities of ELAS experts is very useful also in the policy definition phase, to allow the insured to determine the proper value of the assets to be insured.