Obtain a fair and just settlement from insurance coverage

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The Contractor's All Risk policies are called "all risks", they cover the civil engineering works used in public or private contracts which cover the entire period that starts with the opening of the construction site, goes for the duration of the work and continues in the maintenance period.

The main feature of "all risks" policy is to insure against all risks which are not excluded, resulting in the burden of proof. It is up to the insurer to prove that an accident is not covered, because they excluded.

The E.A.R. policies (Erection All Risks) ensure all risks arising from the installation of a plant or machine and civil liability.

What ensures and against which risks

They are generally insured the works and the permanent and temporary installations, facilities and pre-existing works, demolition and eviction costs, machinery, barracks and construction equipment and third party liability from risks related to natural disasters, fire , theft and robbery, vandalism, accidents worksite human errors and design errors.

As far as the liability, it is indemnified the insured for damages caused involuntarily to third parties of which it is civilly liable. Like any insurance policy they may provide the extensions to cover from particular risks.


The ELAS expert team supports the policyholder in the definition of the correct insurance policy and in case of damage to get the right compensation.