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Cyber Risk policy is an insurance product that provides coverage against damage arising from cyber crime, data loss, the suspension of the IT service.

The Cyber Crime

Considering information on cyber crime, its exponential growth and the number of affected companies every day it becomes very important to carefully evaluate the policy guarantees and get support in the management of an accident. Companies are increasingly dependent on computer systems and information contained therein have taken an increasingly strategic value for each kind of business. What would happen if, as a result of a cyber attack, information were lost, deleted or made public? The theme is highly relevant, so that the same CLUSIT 2016 report introduces the need to ensure against cyber risk.

The insurance policy

This policy insures damages arising from contractual liability in the event of suspension of an IT service, civil liability damages (loss of personal data and/or sensitive) and the costs for data or programs recovery.
ELAS experts support the insured both in assessing the appropriate policy coverage based on the requirements specific, and in the event that suffers damage.